Our esteemed guests can now purchase our highly special, rare wine which carries the
salted taste and the vinification techniques used by the ancient Greeks.
Carefully selected herbs blooming in parts of Mount Olympus used in its preparation, the genuine skin of the label that gives an odour of vitality, pure beeswax from honeybees in the fragrant hills and forests of Greece, and above all the beneficial properties of wine for health, all combine to build up a perfect organoleptic effect that carries you thousands of years back to Greek antiquity.

All this packed in a hand-made ceramic bottle, a faithful copy of an ancient Greek amphora, designed by the “Symposium” artists. The packing of our ancient-styled Greek wine is of rare, expensive marble, the same as that used for building the Acropolis of Athens. Keeping the bottle in a marble package ensures an ideally low, stable temperature for the wine – a particular way of preservation in a perfectly natural way. In addition, you can conduct a real wine tasting ritual by drinking the wine through our hand-made cup included, a kylix – just like the ancient Greeks, who used it in order to taste the aromas and flavors of wine in full. The wide surface of the cup provides extended contact with fresh air to the wine, giving the feeling that you drink from a spring of running wine.

Our collectible wine was bottled and packaged in three different varieties of distinct taste and character, at a limited number of 333 bottles each, in a unique gold exclusive limited, signed edition.

A unique gift for those learning from the past and making the future.

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